Tower of the mad mage

Session 1

The party members met at the gambling golum in the town of Longsaddle, a days travel to the east of Neverwinter. An injured goblin stumbled through the door asking the party for help. Once cured of his wounds, he introduced himself as sqwelch and told the party about a dragons hoard of treasure located in a tower to the southwest of longsaddle. 

Sqwelch told the party that he is a member of the Deathrot Tribe and they had come across the tower recently. The leader of his tribe a bugbear named Glubnose had promised to split the treasure with the tribe but went back on his word. However, the dragon returned to her hoard and killed the majority of his tribe. He said the dragon was killed in the battle and he escaped with his life but glubnose is still in the tower with the dragon treasure and a few remaining members of his tribe. 

Squelch made a deal with the party members, if they followed him to the tower and helped him kill glubnose, he would split the treasure with them. 

The party set out with squelch and traveled for most of the day before being attacked by three boars near the woods where they had planned on camping out. After defeating the boars and setting up camp, the party heard a strange sound coming from nearby, someone..or something reading what sounded like poetry. The poetry was so bad that it caused pyschic damage to the party. They spotted the creature who was reading the poetry, defeated him and looted the book. 



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